3kW Solar Systems

If you need a convenient, reliable solution to your sustainable energy needs, then a 3kW solar system is a solid choice for a large percentage of the population. This system is ideal for the standard Australian household, with an average-sized electricity bill (if your household is on the larger side you may consider our 5kW system).


As one of Australia’s leading solar providers, Skylight Energy is the ideal company to provide and install your 3kW solar system. We’ve built up our reputation over many years of dedicated service, and we have the expertise to ensure that every installation goes perfectly smoothly.


What Do You Get in This System?

This 3kW solar system comprises some of the top components in the industry; with 12 x 265 watt ET SOLAR panels and a 3kW GoodWe inverter, as well as expert installation by our highly trained and certified staff. We’re offering this system at a price of just $3300, which is a small price to pay when you take into account the long-term savings you’ll make on your electricity bills!


There’s never been a better time to embrace clean energy, free of environmental pollutants, and if you decide to have our superb 3kW solar system installed then you’ll quickly experience the benefits! While it involves a larger initial expenditure, it won’t be long before your investment pays off, in the form of dramatically reduced energy bills. With generous warranties on both the parts themselves and the overall performance of the system, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re protected in the unlikely event something goes wrong.


While we’re currently offering this system for the bargain price of $3300, this offer won’t last forever so make sure you choose Skylight Energy today! Contact us now to get the process underway, or for any extra information – we’ll be happy to be of assistance.