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Skylight Energy is one of Australia’s leading solar providers.  You can be assured that we will strive to provide you with the highest level of service and an industry leading support team accessible at your fingertips.  At Skylight Energy we pride ourselves on building long term relationships with our clients. We will guide you through a simple step by step process all the way from start to finish.  We provide outstanding customer support every step of the way, making sure you receive the best possible purchasing experience.

Our professional installers have years of experience in residential and commercial solar projects.  All our installers are highly trained and are Clean Energy Council Certified and Accredited, ensuring that you will have the best possible installation experience without any issues.

Tier 1 Solar Panels

System Details-
5 Kilowatt Solar System
20 x 270 watt Panels
5 Kilowatt – Inverter
System Installation
Free Wifi System Performance Monitoring Software

Our products come with-
25 Years solar performance warranty
10 Year product warranty on solar panels
5 Years warranty on inverter

This system will save up to $1800 per year of your electricity bills.

Fully installed by a Clean Energy Council accredited installers.

Government Rebates still available

$0 deposit, nothing upfront let solar pay for itself.

Zero Deposit Progressive Plan.

A 5kw system will produce 20KW/h daily to your home as an annual average.   This will equal up to $1800 worth of power savings per year. 

By now you’ve got to agree that our solar package is the very best on the market. You’ve seen the evidence for yourself.  If you still haven’t taken me up on my special offer, then you’d better do it now. 

Time is quickly running out as the special is ending this month.

Why keep paying out of your pocket for the rest of your life for electricity, the power companies do not own the sun.  Now is the time to take control of your home and put money back in your pocket.

Limited offer pricing may change without notice.

 Energy Prices Have Incresed in Australia in JULY by up to 25%

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I had a number of quotes come in from different companies offering all types of set ups. Alex from Skylight energy was very keen for my business and as a result from that with a well priced (sensible) system convinced me to go with these guys. From the sale to the installation I could not fault their professionalism and honesty towards the dates of the install and the performance of the system. Definitely would recommend Skylight Energy to anyone.


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5kW Solar Systems

Find the 5kW solar system you can rely on, fully installed and guaranteed by Skylight Energy

Australia's energy bills are some of the highest in the world and they are continuing to rise.

Our planet is facing environmental catastrophe. The effects of climate change are already being felt across the world.

What unites these two factors? An over reliance on fossil fuels and traditional energy sources.

And the solution? A move towards alternative energy sources. A move towards solar power.

Harnessing solar power for your home or business needs is simple. With one of the highest rates of year-round sun of any of the world's countries, Australia has a fantastic natural resource just waiting to be tapped into.

All you need is the right hardware and a bit of help from the experts. This is where Skylight Energy and their 5kW solar systems come into play.

Get in touch to arrange a quote, or read on to discover more about this fantastic renewable energy resource.

The Solar Advantage

So what do Australian homeowners and business owners stand to gain from a 5kW solar power system from Skylight Energy?

Quite a bit actually. We've compiled some of the benefits below.

Major savings on your monthly energy bills

One of the first things you will notice about your 5kW solar panels is the effect on your energy bills. By investing in one of these smart, clean energy solutions, you stand to reduce your monthly energy bills by a staggering amount.

A system which pays for itself in only a few years

Of course, installing a 5 kilowatt solar system like this one requires some money to be spent up front. However, the system is effectively free in the long-run. Solar panels, particularly solar panels with an impressive output like 5kW, pay for themselves with the energy savings they achieve. Results vary but this will typically take only a few years.

A clean, unintrusive, attractive unit which still manages to be effective

There is no compromise with a solar energy system. Even powerful 5kW panels will achieve your energy objectives without ruining the stylish aesthetic of your exterior. You won't have to compromise on your lifestyle either. Your solar system should be capable of achieving what you need.

A means to achieve full energy independence

Too many Australians are slaves to the whims of their energy providers. This means, if your provider hikes the energy price, this gets passed directly onto you. A 5kW solar system from Skylight Energy helps you to step off the grid and achieve energy independence.

A green and renewable energy solution for a better tomorrow.

We only have one planet. It is up to us to preserve and protect it. A 5kW solar power system is an ideal way to take the positive steps our planet so dearly needs.

Get in touch with the team and arrange your installation today.

Solar is the Renewable, Affordable Answer

If you are a responsible user of energy, you are not alone. Many of us in Australia go to great lengths to ensure that we conserve our power and run our homes and businesses in a careful and considered manner.

This means;

  • Turning off lights when we leave the room
  • Making sure all appliances are turned off when not in use, including those with a standby function
  • Educating the next generation on why it is important to look after our energy usage and our planet
  • Installing power limiters and other equipment to help you manage your power use
  • Installing systems that help you monitor how much energy you are using

With all this in place, you might find yourself asking: why do I need a solar power system?

Because, solar power systems are the only true, affordable, renewable answer to the energy problems faced by Australians and our planet as a whole.

Responsible use of electricity is not about simply limiting how much fossil fuel derived power we use. It is about replacing this power with something clean and renewable. Fossil fuels will eventually run out. We need to make the leap to renewable energy now, not later.

There are many ways to do this. But only solar energy offers a direct route to stepping off the grid, taking matters into your own hands, and saving you and your family a lot of money in the process.

Just think what you could do with the money you will save. Just think about the value you will accrue by adding such a valuable asset to your property. Just think of the difference you are making for you, your children, and your children's children.

Get in touch with Skylight Energy and begin the switch to renewable solar energy.

Skylight Energy Are Your Perfect Partner

Skylight Energy have a long history of providing clients, just like you, with the 5kW solar system they need to achieve their energy goals. Whether you are a business owner, looking for a way to reduce costs and boost sustainability, or a home owner looking to save money and do your bit for the planet, we can provide what you need.

Our team members are among the most skilled and experienced in the business. This means that you will enjoy the same high level of service from the moment you pick up the phone to call us, through the installation of your 5kW solar panel system, and beyond into after sales care.

We can't wait to deliver you the results you need. Get in touch today and let's begin together.