Solar Panels


Jinko Solar Panels – Worlds No1.

Jinko Solar is the worlds No 1 company listed on the Bloomberg Tier 1 List. Jinko is a global leader in the solar industry and is the world’s largest producers of solar panels. Jinko is a publicly listed company that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under (NYSE: JKS).

Jinko operates one of the largest solar research and development centers in the world, consisting of over 250 scientists and solar experts. Jinko has integrated advanced crystalline silicon solar technologies, to produce the highest quality and the most powerful module available on today’s market.


gcl solar panels

GCL Solar Panels - Worlds No2 (Tier 1)

GCL solar is the worlds largest renewable energy manufacturer, as well as the No. 1 silicon and wafer manufacturer in the world.  GLC incorporates 29 conventional power stations, 500 million barrels of oil reserves, 400 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves, the largest single solar farm in China, petroleum refinery, electric vehicles, 60% of the Chinese production of polysilicon, 30% of the world polysilicon, and already in the top 6 of module production worldwide.

GCL Solar panels are made of world-class crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, all GCL panels are PID and snail trails free.  GCL Solar panels have a high conversion efficiency due to top quality wafer and advanced cell technology.  All GCL panels are backed by Swiss Re-insurance. Swiss Re is the world's second largest insurance. Swiss Re provides 100% non-cancellable comprehensive warranty.  This warranty insures that every single solar panel that GCL produces is of quality & power output  that is backed by its compensation warranty. 


GCL Solar panels have recently been installed Cambridge Gardens Sydney NSW by Skylight Energy.
GCL 260 watt solar panels are producing maximum power output in sunny conditions.