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  • Huge savings on your electricity bills

  • Government rebates significantly reducing the costs of systems

  • Installing Australia-wide

  • High quality system components from well known brands like Trina, Q-Cells, Fronius and more

  • Only Tier 1 rated solar panels used with 25+ year warranties

  • Residential and commercial solar specialists

  • We only use CEC accredited designers and installers.

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Solar and Battery Systems

We only provide quality systems. Whether you’re looking for a solar system for your home or business or a solar battery to save even more money, we’ve got you covered!

Residential Solar Systems

Get an excellent quality solar system for your home installed and start saving big on your electricity bills today!

Excellent Quality Home Solar Power Systems

Solar systems for homes are our bread and butter.  We install around 30 systems a day across Australia, from 3kW systems all the way up to 30kW systems.

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Commercial Solar Systems

Go green! Reduce your carbon footprint and save money! With the average ROI of <5 years, solar is a no brainer!

Reduce Daily Operating Costs Significantly!

We’ve installed a wide range commercial projects around Australia.  From a 10kW systems all the way up to 1MW System we will get the job done.

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Home Solar Battery Systems

Stop selling your excess solar energy to the grid and buying it back at more than 5 times later that day!

Use your solar power at night!

A home solar battery can help protect you from blackouts and allow you to use your free solar electricity at night when you’d otherwise be reliant on dirty grid power!

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Our team at Skylight Energy are experts when it comes to solar and battery systems

Our team at Skylight Energy is has many years of experience when it comes to Solar and Battery Installations. We have installed thousands of solar systems all over Australia over the years and continue to service our clients with ongoing support. We specialize in high quality yet affordable renewable energy products for either your home or business. Our large selection of products consists of only the finest Tier 1 panelsinverters, and home battery packs. We only use the best solar panels and inverters that are approved by the Clean Energy Council, and certified for safety to the highest Australian and international standards.

Whether you want to do your bit to help the environment by using a green, sustainable energy source, or you want to take advantage of reduced energy bills (or both!), tapping into this valuable resource is a great option for homeowners and businesses alike. With a proven track record in this field, Skylight Energy is the go-to company when it comes to your solar energy needs.

Utilizing solar energy is both an effective and long-lasting option. Our solar panels are of the highest quality, and will last for many years whilst maintaining their effectiveness. We stock some of the industry’s top brands such as HYUNDAI, QCELLS, JINKO and TRINA, and many more; and you have the choice of the common system sizes – A 3kW solar system5kW solar system or 10kW solar system or we can tailor a system based on your needs and budget.

We also stock some of the finest solar inverters, from brands such as SMA, Fronius, and Goodwe. These cutting edge devices help to convert the energy harvested by your solar panels into a form that can be used for all your electricity needs (from direct current to alternating current).

Why choose Skylight Energy though? Our staff have the experience and the expertise to ensure a quick and efficient installation of your solar energy system every time, no matter the conditions or the environment. We’re dedicated to reducing pollution, keeping carbon emissions down, and doing our part to encourage a shift towards clean and renewable energy sources.

If you’re interested in implementing solar energy systems in Australia, then get in touch today and we’ll be happy to talk you through the process, and come up with a custom solution to your needs.

Our Core Values

At Skylight Energy, we only provide quality products that will stand the test of time and will serve you for many years to come with minimal hassle.  That’s why we choose the products we sell carefully, to ensure you are getting value for money and the products sold have warranties that will be serviceable without the company being at risk of going out of business.

Trusted Partners

We have partnered with the below companies to provide our customers only the highest quality products, from trusted suppliers who have an Australian office and fantastic warranties.


“We have now had our Solar System installed for 9 months and it is starting to pay for itself. The last quarter electricity bill was with all the additional terms included was $550 with a household of 6 that included an extra fridge, night lights on for the children every night and all the additional things, extra Washing and use of Dryer that goes with having children living with you.
The same period last year was $990 with a household of 2.  We have also switched our pool from running at night during the off peak period, to running through the day.  We also had the air conditioners running for 24hrs over the last few months due to the extreme weather recently, so to say that the Solar System is doing its job is an understatement.
From the initial phone call to Carlos, to the installation was never an issue with the guys from Skylight Energy. Good Product, Good Guys, Good Company”

Max, NSW

“Skylight Energy are a very good solar company and installed a solar package that I am very happy with. Carlos and Alex were very helpful, and provided sound advice and what seems like the best solar system for my situation.
I decided to install 20 x 280watt Canadian Solar panels (total 5.6kW), with an SMA Inverter (German) – these upgrades (from 265watt ET panels and a Chinese inverter) cost extra above the base price, but a worthwhile investment. Communication from the sales team was generally good, they did followup a few times, however I had to be patient with several delays of installation due to poor weather.
Come installation day, the installers were very professional and proactive to install the panels and the inverter in the best locations. Overall – very recommended.”

Clay, NSW

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