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About Us

Our team at Skylight Energy are experts when it comes to solar and battery systems.  We specialize in residential and commercial renewable energy projects. We specialize in providing top of the line solar and electrical products to meet Australia’s high energy demands.

We have a vast experience ranging from small residential properties to large commercial buildings and factories.  Skylight Energy has extensive experience in installing solar energy systems in a vast range of conditions and environments.

Our professional installers have years of experience in domestic and commercial installations all our installers are highly professional and are Clean Energy Council qualified and accredited.

At Skylight Energy we pride ourselves on building a long term relationships with our clients. We provide ongoing customer service and support to all our clients ensuring that every customer has a satisfactory experience with us.

We are strongly committed to making a positive environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions and supporting the global change to clean renewable energy.

Our Core Values

At Skylight Energy, we only provide quality products that will stand the test of time and will serve you for many years to come with minimal hassle.  That’s why we choose the products we sell carefully, to ensure you are getting value for money and the products sold have warranties that will be serviceable without the company being at risk of going out of business.

Trusted Partners

We have partnered with the below companies to provide our customers only the highest quality products, from trusted suppliers who have an Australian office and fantastic warranties.


“We have now had our Solar System installed for 9 months and it is starting to pay for itself. The last quarter electricity bill was with all the additional terms included was $550 with a household of 6 that included an extra fridge, night lights on for the children every night and all the additional things, extra Washing and use of Dryer that goes with having children living with you.
The same period last year was $990 with a household of 2.  We have also switched our pool from running at night during the off peak period, to running through the day.  We also had the air conditioners running for 24hrs over the last few months due to the extreme weather recently, so to say that the Solar System is doing its job is an understatement.
From the initial phone call to Carlos, to the installation was never an issue with the guys from Skylight Energy. Good Product, Good Guys, Good Company”

Max, NSW

“Skylight Energy are a very good solar company and installed a solar package that I am very happy with. Carlos and Alex were very helpful, and provided sound advice and what seems like the best solar system for my situation.
I decided to install 20 x 280watt Canadian Solar panels (total 5.6kW), with an SMA Inverter (German) – these upgrades (from 265watt ET panels and a Chinese inverter) cost extra above the base price, but a worthwhile investment. Communication from the sales team was generally good, they did followup a few times, however I had to be patient with several delays of installation due to poor weather.
Come installation day, the installers were very professional and proactive to install the panels and the inverter in the best locations. Overall – very recommended.”

Clay, NSW

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