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BYD Battery HVM

Add a battery to your home and have FREE electricity every night!

  • The Battery-Box Premium HVM 2.76kWh unit is intended for on-grid and grid-backup applications.
  • It can be easily stacked to create storage systems ranging in size from 8.3kWh to 22.1kWh.
  • Up to three stacks' can be linked together to provide storage capacities of up to 66.2kWh!
  • The IP55 rated blocks are extremely easy to install and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Solar Battery System Details:
  • Capable of providing high-powered emergency backup as well as off-grid functionality
  • Maximum efficiency due to a true high-voltage series connection
  • The patented Modular Plug Design eliminates the need for internal wiring and enables for Maximum Flexibility and Usability
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery with No Cobalt: Maximum Safety, Power and the Life Cycle
  • Compatibility with the industry's leading 1 and 3 phase high voltage battery inverters
  • Two distinct modules to cover the entire system size range
  • The strictest safety standards, such as VDE 2510-50

Standard Benefits:

Save money on monthly bills

Increase home value by improving efficiency.

Solar batteries are durable and long lasting

Reduce your stress and worry about high energy bills

*Conditions Applied *
Metro Area Installation within 80kms from CBD. Price subject to Zone 3 STCs. Standard tin/tile roof, single storey, single phase. Price may vary based on the property type and location. Solar panels are not included in this special. It can be quoted separately. Various Financing options available can be organized payment plan based on 5 year term.