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Canadian Solar Special

Canadian Solar

6.5KW Canadian Solar System

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Canadian Solar – Tier 1 NEW 285Watt Solar panels

Canadian Solar is the worlds largest producer of solar panels and is a publicly listed company on the (NASDAQ: CSIQ.

Canadian Solar‘s new Quintech panels use the latest 5BB advance cell technology. This maximizes the panels efficiency in low light conditions, as well as increasing module power output and system reliability.  Canadian Solar panels are high efficiency and produce 275watts of power due to the pure black silicon cells, Canadian panels perform better in low light conditions and in hot climates and are considered a superior technology.

System Details-
5.7 KW Solar System
20 x 285 watt Canadian Solar Tier 1 Solar Panels
5 KW – Solar Inverter
System Installation
Free Wifi System Performance Monitoring Software

Our products come with-
25 Years solar performance warranty
10 Year product warranty on solar panels
5 Years warranty on inverter

Government Rebates still available but will be reduced be quick.

Now is the time to go solar and start saving.
5kW solar system will reduce you energy bills by up to $2000 Per Year.
Get credit of your bills for every KW you sell back in to the grid.