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Commercial Solar Systems

Go solar with Australia’s solar PV and solar battery specialists!

Reduce your carbon footprint and make serious savings for your business with commercial solar systems from Skylight Energy.

Australia’s small to mid-sized businesses provide the driving force behind our economy. Without these innovators and entrepreneurs, we would find it impossible to build a society we can be proud of. But, why is it still that so many Australian businesses are hindered by rising energy prices?

There is an solution: a commercial solar power system provided by Skylight Energy.

By installing solar panels at your commercial property, you are connecting yourself with the most abundantly renewable power source in Australia: sunlight. This could be the best move you ever made for your business, as you watch your energy bills tumble overnight.

But it’s good news for our planet too. Each year, Australian businesses use vast amounts of electricity, most of which is generated by fossil fuels.

By stepping off the grid and by enlisting the help of a commercial solar company like Skylight Energy, you are helping our planet move forward.

Let’s take steps towards affordable, renewable, clean energy together. Give us a call today to arrange installation or read on to learn more.

The Advantage of Commercial Solar Systems

When you choose commercial solar panel installation, what are the direct advantages for your business? Take a look below. Some of them might even astound you.

Enormous savings for your business

Businesses are driven by the bottom line. Just imagine if you could reduce your monthly losses without compromising on other aspects of your company? That’s precisely what commercial solar does for you. Slashed energy bills with no reduction in service level. This is your reward.

A responsible attitude towards the environment

We all exist together on this planet and so we all share the responsibility of looking after it. Switching to green, renewable energy is how we can begin making a positive difference to our world. Invest in commercial solar and invest in the future.

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Our Products Come With:

25 years solar performance warranty

10 year product warranty on solar panels

5 year solar inverter warranty

Our Products Come With:

Government rebates significantly reducing the costs of systems

Zero Deposit Progressive Plan.

High quality system components from well known brands like Trina, Q-Cells, Fronius and more

Only Tier 1 rated solar panels used with 25+ year warranties

Only Tier 1 rated solar panels used with 25+ year warranties

Increased value for your commercial property

Solar panels are an asset to your business. If situations change and you need to sell your commercial property or your company, having a renewable energy resource installed will greatly improve its market value, providing you with an even bigger return on your money.

An enhanced and attractive brand

The modern consumer is savvy and smart, as well as responsible. They want to deal with brands who reflect their commitment to sustainability, value and the environment. Moving to renewable energy makes your company an attractive option for future customers, clients and partners.

Freedom from the unpredictability of energy providers

Australian energy bills are on the rise. If you feel like your business is being squeezed by the whim of energy providers and punished for your loyalty, you are not alone. A solar system gives you the freedom to protect yourself against rising energy prices.

Potentially, even greater financial incentives

Depending on your territory or state, your business might even qualify for financial incentives and rebates if you switch to renewable energy like solar power. You may also be able to receive a feed-in tariff, which effectively enables you to sell excess power back to the grid.

Ready to connect with advantages like these? Speak to a member of our team today or read on to learn more about what we can offer.

Together we can do it, we can move towards green, renewable, affordable, sustainable energy which supports Australian business. Get in touch today to arrange a quote or an installation. We are waiting to take your call.

Commercial Solar System Installation

We understand. Businesses cannot afford too much disruption to their premises or to their services. This is why our commercial solar power installation services are designed to be as unintrusive as possible, giving you the energy solution you need with the minimum of hassle.

Once our solar panels have been fitted on your commercial property, you will barely notice they are there. They simply go about their work noiselessly, providing your business with savings while you go about your day. The first thing you will notice will be you slashed energy bills.

There need be no compromise. A powerful solar solution can ensure that you suffer no downtime or lean energy periods. What’s more, a commercial solar system will pay for itself after only a few years of savings.

Don’t wait around for solar installation on your commercial property. Get in touch with us today and never look back.

Skylight Energy: Your Ideal Choice for a professionally installed Commercial Solar System

Skylight Energy have years of experience providing high quality solar solutions to business owners just like you. We understand the diverse needs of Australian business, and so we offer a full, turnkey installation service on a similarly diverse array of products.

To put it simply, whatever your needs, we can deliver. And you can be sure that when we deliver, it is with the highest quality of service and engineering.

We know your business is important to you. So we work to give you the tools you need to make major savings on your energy bills and maybe even become self sufficient.

We know our planet is important to you. So we work to help you break away from fossil fuels and other polluting sources of energy in favour of something greener.

Together we can do it, we can move towards green, renewable, affordable, sustainable energy which supports Australian business. Get in touch today to arrange a quote or an installation. We are waiting to take your call.

A solar array installed by Skylight Energy on an IGA Supermarkets roof