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Enphase Micro Inverters

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Enphase is a publicly listed company on the NASDQ with its headquarters in California. Enphase micro inverts are made in USA and are considered a global leader of micro inverter. Enphase offers excellent product support and 10 Year warranty for its products.

Each individual Enphase Micro Inverter connects to the back of each solar panel, this gives each panel more flexibility and optimization as opposed to traditional string systems that are all wired back to one inverter.

Enpahse micro inverters provide the solar system with several advantages as each micro inverter works independently of one another as opposed to sting systems.

The main benefit of this is that if one solar panel stops working all other panels will not be effected as they are wired independently as opposed to a string system.


Micro inverters are recommended for houses with shading issues, if the solar system is partly shaded then the panels that are shaded will switch off and not affect the panels that are still in the sun.


Enphase micro inverter systems are compatible with the Enphase batteries, that can be implemented to the system at any time.  Enphase batteries are stackable so you can add as many as you like to the current solar system giving great flexibility for future expansion.


Because Enphase micro inverters do not have to be wired in strings, the system is perfect for roofs with limited space as we can place the panels on any part of the roof even if its only one or two panels as opposed to wiring the panels in large strings.


Enphase micro inverters come with the envoy monitor system.  This system uses advanced online monitoring technology to keep track and performance of each of the Enphase micro inverters. You can monitor each panel separately and see how much power each panel is generating throughout the day.  This gives you a better understanding of the overall solar system performance.  If any of the solar panels fail to work you will be able to pin point exactly which panel has stopped working.

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Our Products Come With:

25 years solar performance warranty

10 year product warranty on solar panels

5 year solar inverter warranty

Our Products Come With:

Government rebates significantly reducing the costs of systems

Zero Deposit Progressive Plan.

High quality system components from well known brands like Trina, Q-Cells, Fronius and more

Only Tier 1 rated solar panels used with 25+ year warranties

Only Tier 1 rated solar panels used with 25+ year warranties