Power your home day and night

              Use your excess solar energy when the sun                       isn’t shining.

Special Discount Included

Total Payable only $7,999.00 GST Included

*Flexible Financing can be arranged through green loans only based on 5 years’ approximate repayments of only $30 per week.


Back-up power

Choose a solar battery with power-backup and power your home during an outage.

Do you think that your monthly electricity bill is too high? If so, you are not alone. Many homeowners struggle with these bills and it can be difficult to know what the best solutions are. This newsletter will discuss some of the most effective ways to reduce your energy bill by as much as 50%.

Skylight Energy, a leading provider of solar battery systems, has introduced the newest addition to their product line-up with the introduction of the Skylight 6.5KW Battery System. The powerful new battery pack is designed to be an ideal solution for anyone who wants to take advantage of renewable energy without having any interruption in power supply when there is a lack of daylight or during periods when solar production decreases due to inclement weather conditions.  The company’s latest innovation boasts some impressive features that make it stand out from other similar products on the market today, including its ability to seamlessly connect with existing grid-tie inverters and provide backup power for critical.


At Gain significant savings off your peak hour usage rates by Installing a solar Battery and
reach your energy-saving goals today, with one of the very best solar Batteries on the
market. If you still haven’t taken me up on my special offer, then you’d better do it now.
Time is quickly running out as this special exclusive offer is ending this month.
Why keep paying out of your pocket for the rest of your life for electricity, the power
companies do not own the sun. Now is the time to take control of your home and put
money back in your pocket.

  • 10 Years Product Warranty on Battery

  • 10 Years Product Warranty on Inverter

  • 10 Years workmanship warranty

Why Choose  Us

  • Designs:

    Good system design ensures a beneficial return on your solar system

  • Installations:

    We understand that not all installations are the same. We have
    some best installers in the industry, with extensive experience. We will ensure that
    your project’s installation is safe and productive

  • Products:

    We select appropriate and relevant products to ensure we deliver reliable
    performance and for every

  • After-Sales Support:

    Energy, our experienced and dedicated team will deliver reliable and efficient
    after-sales support

  • Energy Plans:

    This essential element of a well-managed plan ensures a good
    return. Ask us about our VPP Storage Power Plan – we have some of the lowest
    energy buying rates and highest energy selling rates

Additional Services that we offer

  • Roof repairs, minor water leak repairs and broken tile replacement.

  • Removal of old solar panel systems and relocation of existing solar panels.

  • Insurance site assessments

  • Insurance repair jobs through Suncorp Insurance and other insurance providers.

  • Inverter installation, replacement and repairs.

  • Level 2 Services, metering and switch board wiring and upgrades

  • Battery System Installations, hybrid system upgrades. Your Content Goes Here

  • Solar panel cleaning

  • Other Electrical Services.

Find the right solar battery for you

We’ll listen to your energy needs, and help you decide Energy Solution solar battery to match them

Skylight Energy introduces new 6.5KW Battery system

$30 /Week~Installed.

Get Free electricity at night time while the battery is powering the home. Can be added to any existing solar system, or installed with a new solar system.

We specialise in battery systems. Charge your battery for free during the day from Solar Panels. Get free electricity at night from the battery power. Sell any unused power back in to the grid.

Comes with 10 Years Warranty Installed by Accredited battery installers.

the latest battery model just released to the market.

Widely-known for their great-range of inverters, they have branched out and excelled in their innovative designs.


  • 6.5 kW usable capacity*

  • Save money on monthly bills

  • Increase home value by improving efficiency

  • High Power storage

6.5KW BATTERY SYSTEM from only $30/Week 

Tariff Optimization

You can transfer excess solar energy to the battery instead of sending your solar energy to energy companies for 11 cents, thereby maximizing your solar profit and further reducing your energy costs. 

By storing surplus solar power for later use and using cheaper off-peak power for additional load  when needed, it shows that the battery system can successfully lower customers’ electricity bills.

Many homeowners struggle with these bills and it can be difficult to know what the best solution are.Growatt, is leading a revolutionary focus on high quality performance and maximal efficiency.


  • 6.5 kWh usable capacity*

  • Solar batteries are durable and long lasting

  • Reduce your stress and worry about high energy bills

  • Easy installation


One of the greatest pioneers of battery storage, Growatt, is leading a revolutionary focus on high quality performance and maximal efficiency.Widely-known for their great-range of inverters, they have branched out and excelled in their extensive designs of batteries and chargers.

How it works

Conventionally, after excess electricity is generated by the solar panels, this surplus is
distributed to the grid. When homes don’t receive enough sunlight to sufficiently power
homes, the grid distributes this electricity back for community uses. Instead of receiving
electricity from the ‘long’ pathway, a solar battery is a more convenient storage and release
of electricity at your home. Homeowners maximise their great potential when homes don’t
receive enough sunlight throughout the day or electricity consumption is greater than
electricity production.
Battery storage systems allow you to get more energy from the sun, which you can use at
night or when you need it most. You can control your own energy in the battery storage
system. This allows you to charge the battery during low usage times and use the energy
stored during peak hours to save on electricity bills.
Save the excess solar power for later use and use affordable off-peak power for additional
load when needed to maximize solar benefits and further reduce energy costs This shows
that the battery system has been able to
successfully reduce homeowner’s electricity bill.


Solar power gives your home free electricity during the day from Solar Panels. The more
appliances you use during the day, the more benefits you will have and the more you will
save of your electricity bills.
We recommend you think about what appliances you’re running during the day. Appliances
such as dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, aircon, vacuum cleaning and cooking, use up
the most power in your home. the more of these appliances you use during the day, the
more you will save.


When your solar panels generate electricity that you don’t need to use straight away, a
battery will convert this electricity into power and store it, ready for use later. This will
cover your evening and night time usage for when the electricity prices are the highest due
to peak rates. As a lot of people or consumers come home from work and start to do
appliances, like watching tv, this is exactly when you need battery power the most. Any
extra power that you do not use from your battery storage, you can sell this energy back to
the network as part of the VPP trading, explained below. At higher rates than your energy
retailer would usually pay you, possibly even higher rates than you pay for your electricity


Customer Referral Bonus Program

Join our exclusive customer Loyalty program and be rewarded with the $100 cash Bonus for every customer referral that joins Skylight Energy. If you have any further questions give me a call or email me. We look forward to assisting you further.

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