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Growatt Ark LV Battery

One of the greatest pioneers of battery storage, Growatt, is leading a revolutionary focus on high quality performance and maximal efficiency. Widely-known for their great-range of inverters, they have branched out and excelled in their innovative and extensive designs of batteries and chargers.

How it works

Conventionally, after excess electricity is generated by the solar panels, this surplus is distributed to the grid. When homes don’t receive enough sunlight to sufficiently power homes, the grid distributes this electricity back for community-uses. Instead of receiving electricity from the ‘long’ pathway, a solar battery is the more convenient storage and release of electricity at your home. Homeowners maximise their great potential when homes don’t receive enough sunlight throughout the day or electricity consumption is greater than electricity production.

Battery storage systems allow you to get more energy from the sun, which you can use at night or when you need it most. You can control your own energy in the battery storage system. This allows you to charge the battery during low usage times and use the energy stored during peak hours to save on electricity bills.

Save the excess solar power for later use and use affordable off-peak power for additional load when needed to maximize solar benefits and further reduce energy costs This shows that the battery system has been able to successfully reduce homeowner’s electricity bill. 

Solar Battery System Details:

Battery Features:

  • 6.5kW Battery system
  • Remarkable ranging capacity of 6.5kWh to 52 kWh
  • Easy installation
  • Compact size and highly durable
  • High Power storage
  • Safe-uses of LiFePO4
  • IP55 Protection
  • Withstands and work in extreme temperatures (-10°C – 50°C)

Standard Benefits:

Save money on monthly bills

Increase home value by improving efficiency.

Solar batteries are durable and long lasting

Reduce your stress and worry about high energy bills