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Huawei Luna Battery 2000

A power control module and battery expansion modules make up the LUNA2000 battery. It can store and release electric energy in accordance with the needs of the inverter management system. The LUNA2000 battery's input and output ports are both high-voltage direct current (HVDC). Battery charge: The power control module connects to the inverter's battery terminals (BAT+ and BAT-). The power control module charges the batteries and stores excess PV energy in batteries under the control of the inverter. Battery discharge: When PV energy is insufficient to power the loads, the system controls the batteries to provide power. The inverter distributes the battery energy to the


Multi-Scenarios and Working Modes

● Multiple working modes are supported, including grid-tied, grid-tied and off-grid, pure off-grid multi-scenario, self-consumption, TOU (time-of-use), and full fed to the grid.
● Users can query the total discharge capacity throughout the product life cycle in real time.

Intelligent and straightforward operation

● It is compatible with the inverter, supports plug-and-play, and incorporates the mobile phone app and management system.
● Installation and replacement are simple.

● For system connection, standard battery DC terminals are used.
● For batteries, a modular design is used.
● Installation or replacement can be done by two people.
Scalability that is adaptable
● The battery allows for power expansion, battery capacity expansion, and the use of old and new batteries in tandem.

O&M intelligence

● The factory defaults meet the needs of target markets, and the battery can be started with a single button press and supports black startup.
● The LED indicator indicates the status. The mobile phone app can also be used to perform local and remote operations.
● The cloud data management system is used to manage the battery at all times and from any location.

Low Initial Investment

● There are no special tools required for installation.
● The battery's high efficiency and power density reduce installation space
● The battery has simple O&M.

Standard Benefits:

Save money on monthly bills

Increase home value by improving efficiency.

Solar batteries are durable and long lasting

Reduce your stress and worry about high energy bills