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A 5KW Solar  System Will SAVE UP TO $2000 per year of your electricity bills..

Take advantage of the government rebate that is still available but is being phased out soon.

Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko Solar is the worlds No 1 company listed on the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Tier 1 list, the list represents the top 1% of solar manufactures in the world.  Jinko is a global leader in the solar industry and is the world’s largest producers of solar panels. Jinko is a publicly listed company that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

NEW MONO 310W PERC Eagle panels

Jinkos New PERC MONO panels have a reflective layer technology making the solar cells more efficient.
The panels absorb more sun light and create more energy due to its advance cell structure.

System Details-
6.2 KW Solar System
20 x 310 watt JINKO MONO PERC EAGLE Tier 1 Solar Panels
5 KW – Solar Inverter
System Installation
Free Wifi System Performance Monitoring Software

Our products come with-
25 Years solar performance warranty
10 Year product warranty on solar panels
5-10 Years warranty on inverter