Why Choose to Use the ARK

Extreme Safe and Reliable

  • LFP is the most suitable chemistry for residential ESS

  • with Cell-Monitoring – not only monitor battery module data, but also monitor each cell security status
  • Provide full protection for the whole battery system

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Advanced Technology

Flexible System

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Work with No.1 Trusted solar battery system provider

Skylight Energy

Skylight Energy has introduced the newest addition to their product line-up with the introduction of the Skylight 6.5KW Battery System.
The powerful new battery pack is designed to be an ideal solution for anyone who wants to take advantage of renewable energy without having any interruption in power supply when “ere is a lack of daylight or during periods when solar production decreases due to inclement weather conditions.
The company’s latest innovation boasts some impressive features that make it stand out from other similar products on the market today, including its ability to seamlessly connect with existing grid-tie inverters and provide backup power for critical.

Get Your ARK 2.5 L Modular Battery Today!

Battery Installation included

  • ARK Low Voltage Battery System

  • 2.56kWh / Module

  • Capacity: 2.56kWh ~ 25.6kWh

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*Conditions Applied *

Metro Area Installation within 80kms from CBD. Price subject to Zone 3 STCs. Standard tin/ tile roof, single storey. single phase. Price may vary based on the property type and location.
Solar panels are not included in this special. It can be quoted separately. Various Financing options available can be organized payment plan based on 5 year term.