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Add a battery to your home and have FREE electricity every night!

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SMILE-B3-PLUS, specially designed for retrofit. Cost-effective, super easy to install, and capable for scale. This 3kW AC-coupled solution with 5.04kWh built-in battery is available for all retrofit requirements, with a capacity expanded to 30.24kWh

Why Choose Alpha Battery System?

AlphaESS is one of the world’s leading energy storage solutions and service providers. The company focuses on the residential and commercial markets and aims to provide the most cost-effective and appropriate solutions for homeowners.



Solar Battery System Details:

1 x 10kW Alpha Battery (RHI-5K-48ES-5G)

1 x 5kW GROWATT Hybrid Single phase Dual MPPT inverter (SPH5000)

1 x Solar Battery Monitoring Wifi Device Included

1 x System battery Installation


10 Years Product Warranty on Battery

10 Years Product Warranty on Inverter

10 Years workmanship warranty

Standard Benefits:

Save money on monthly bills

Increase home value by improving efficiency.

Solar batteries are durable and long lasting

Reduce your stress and worry about high energy bills

How does solar battery storage work?


Traditionally, after solar panels generate excess power, the excess energy is being sold back to the grid. When homes don’t get enough energy from the sun to generate enough power for the house, the grid will supply the electricity.

To maximize the homeowner’s savings, studies show that storing the excess energy to a battery will be more profitable than selling it back to the grid for three times lower than the price that their energy retailer is selling it to them.

Alpha Battery has a smart energy storage system which intelligently releases power to match the homeowner’s power consumption. Through this special system, homeowners can reduce their electricity bills significantly by minimizing grid power consumption.

Skylight Energy


Our team at Skylight Energy has many years of experience when it comes to Solar and Battery Installations. We have installed thousands of solar systems all over Australia over the years and continue to service our clients with ongoing support. We specialize in high quality yet affordable renewable energy products for either your home or business. Our large selection of products consists of only the finest Tier 1 panels, inverters, and home battery packs. We only use the best solar panels and inverters that are approved by the Clean Energy Council, and certified for safety to the highest Australian and international standards.

Our staff have the experience and the expertise to ensure a quick and efficient installation of your solar energy system every time, no matter the conditions or the environment. We’re dedicated to reducing pollution, keeping carbon emissions down, and doing our part to encourage a shift towards clean and renewable energy sources.

*Conditions Applied *
Metro Area Installation within 80kms from CBD. Price subject to Zone 3 STCs. Standard tin/tile roof, single storey, single phase. Price may vary based on the property type and location. Solar panels are not included in this special. It can be quoted separately. Various Financing options available can be organized payment plan based on 5 year term.