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Solar Panels Mackay

Skylight Energy – For the Right Solar Panels at the Right Time

Electricity costs have been steadily rising in Australia, leading more homeowners to make the conversion to solar panels. The different types of solar systems available make it difficult for the average Mackay homeowner to choose a system that’s a good investment for them. We’re here to help you choose from the different sizes, poly vs mono, and other options that make a solar system right for you.

Our specialists are trained and experienced to meet all of your solar energy needs. We’ll help you choose the right solar panels, provide a fast, efficient installation, and install the solar batteries or inverters to provide you with years of dependable service. At Skylight Energy, we start by only providing Tier 1 rated solar panels. This rating means that the manufacturer has a long history of producing high-quality panels that you can rely on for performance and efficiency. After the installation, we’re here to provide professional service on any warranties or faults to keep your solar system running.

Solar Systems to Fit Your Electricity Needs

The needs of every household are different. You might use a different amount of electricity during the day than your neighbour. You might also want to store solar energy for use when there isn’t any daylight. You want to choose the appropriate solar system for your situation. That means using a minimum of 30% of the energy your system produces directly. The actual amount of your return depends on the area where you live.

The majority of homeowners in Australia have 5 kW solar systems installed in their residences. These systems are the most efficient, and they deliver the best value for the money. Typically, 5 kW solar systems are made up of 20 250 W solar panels, requiring about 32 m ² of roof space.

When Queensland’s Mackay Regional Council mate the shift to solar, it cut electricity costs and passed millions of dollars of savings on to ratepayers. Now, you can save even more when you convert your Mackay home to solar too.

If you want to avoid the rising cost of electricity, contact Skylight Energy today. Get a quote and find out more about making the shift to solar at your Mackay residence.