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Solar Systems Perth

Go solar with Australia’s solar PV and solar battery specialists!

Top quality solar panels, Perth installation services from Skylight Energy

All of us are cost conscious. All of us a careful and responsible with our energy usage. All of us want to protect the health of our planet for future generations.

And yet so many of us still rely on fossil fuels to provide our electricity.

Australians already bear some of the highest energy prices on the planet. These prices are rising. As a global community, we are facing a potential catastrophe as fossil fuel stocks dwindle and emissions soar.

What is the solution? Switching to solar energy for your residential or commercial property in Perth.

Skylight Energy will help you make this switch. We provide high quality solar packages to energy consumers in Perth, including expert advisory and installation services, and highly effective solar panel units.

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The Solar Advantage

So why make the switch to solar? What advantages do solar panels with Perth installation services really provide? Below we’ve outlined some of the key benefits.

Slashed energy prices which stay low

No one wants to pay over the odds for energy, so why do it? Skylight Energy are solar installers in the Perth region who may help you reduce your energy bills to almost zero. Once the system is installed, you will enjoy greater financial freedom thanks to these reduced rates.

Green, renewable, sustainable energy for a healthier planet

Let’s preserve and protect our planet for us, for our children, for our children’s children, and beyond. By switching to solar in Perth we are taking steps to do just that. The battle for clean energy and a sustainable planet is not lost. Let’s win it together.

Freedom from fluctuating energy prices

Don’t be held to ransom by energy companies. Don’t suffer the anxiety of wondering what your energy bill is going to look like next month or next year. Step outside of this trap and invest in solar energy in Perth. Low energy prices which stay that way are your reward.

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Our Products Come With:

25 years solar performance warranty

10 year product warranty on solar panels

5 year solar inverter warranty

Our Products Come With:

Government rebates significantly reducing the costs of systems

Zero Deposit Progressive Plan.

High quality system components from well known brands like Trina, Q-Cells, Fronius and more

Only Tier 1 rated solar panels used with 25+ year warranties

Only Tier 1 rated solar panels used with 25+ year warranties

Government rebates and incentives for switching to solar

The government of Western Australia provides an attractive rebate to incentivise Perth homeowners and business owners to make the jump to solar. Visit Western Australia’s government web portal for more details.

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Solar Panels: Perth and Beyond

The team at Skylight Energy have a long history of supplying solar panels to customers in Perth. Not only do we supply great quality solar panels, but we also take care of installation. This gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing the whole solution is being taken care of.

Once installed, you will hardly notice that your solar panels are there. They quietly do their job, working to reduce your bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and enhance your life. You might even forget you ever had them installed, until you open your energy bill each month.

Skylight Energy have risen to become Australia’s premier solar package provider and installer. Wherever you find yourself in the country, we can offer the same incredible products and services designed to take you off the grid and into the world of renewable energy.

Effective solar power solutions for Perth and beyond. This is our promise.

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Working with Skylight Energy for your Solar Power Needs in Perth

At Skylight Energy, we are proud of what we do. Every day, we help homeowners and business owners just like you make serious savings on their energy bills. Every day we help people take steps towards the clean, renewable energy that our planet needs to be strong and healthy.

This cannot fail to make anyone focussed, driven, and committed.

And this is evident in the services we offer our clients. We are a customer-centric company, which means the solar panels Perth services we provide are top notch, every single time.

From the moment you call us to get in touch. Through to delivery, installation, after sales care and beyond, you will experience the same incredible levels of service.

What’s more, our products and services come with our guarantee. You will achieve slashed energy bills. You will experience no disruption to your daily life, regardless of your energy needs. And your solar system in Perth will pay for itself in only a few years.

That’s right. The savings you make will render your solar panel installation free in only a few years.

So there’s no need to delay. Harness the power of solar energy and enjoy the benefits of one of Western Australia’s most abundant resources: sunlight.

It’s time to give us a call. Speak to a member of our team today and arrange a quote or installation. We cannot wait to hear from you.