The Benefits of a 5kW Solar System

The Benefits of a 5kW Solar System go beyond the just being a source of renewable energy. Do you have a pool, a dryer, air conditioning, heaters or other appliances that use a lot of energy in your home? If you do, investing in a solar power system will be an attractive proposition. On average, we have discovered that a family of four or more people (an energy-intensive household) would require a 5kW solar system or larger.

One of the benefits of a 5kW solar system is that it will enable you to save money on energy costs over the longer term. Most people are surprised to find that a top-of-the-line system can now pay for itself within 3 or 4 years, with a possible total gain of almost $ 50,000 over the life of the system.

Additionally, you are taking off $50,000 from the books of Australia’s coal industry, making a tremendous impact on the eventual fate of Australia’s Renewable Energy Industry. This is the reason that purchasing a solar power system is a great way to lessen your energy bill as well as to vote in favor for a clean energy future in Australia.

Due to the 25-year guarantee made available by the panel manufacturing companies, the life of a solar system is usually estimated at 25 years. A panel will typically have a 25-year warranty on power output.

Panels eventually lose productivity over time, which means you will lose approximately 1 percent annually. In fact, it is closer to 3 percent in the first year and about 0.7 percent every year thereafter. It is worth noting that solar panels degrade at different levels, which means that if you go with a centralized inverter, your system degrades at the rate of the worst performing panel since each string of panels is connected in series. It’s one of many reasons why over 3 of the 4 systems that we suggest installing either Enphase Micro Inverters or the SolarEdge Solution. In such systems, each panel production is powered separately from the rest of the array, ensuring that you obtain maximum possible value over time.

The output of a system varies greatly based on the inclination of your roof, orientation of your roof, brand quality you, shade, and the quality of installation. The guidelines of the Clean Energy Council state that a 5kW solar system in Sydney produces around 19.5kW/h per day.

Check your electricity bill and see how much you pay for electricity. A solar system has an average benefit of about 30 cents per kW/h. Unless You have a flat rate, it usually reaches about 25 cents per kW/h.

By using this number and multiplying the estimated total system production by how much you pay for your own power, you can see you could save up to $46,987 which is equivalent to 25 years off your electricity bills with an investment of around $ 6,000 for a 5kW solar system! This number may be even higher when you use much of your solar power from 2 pm to 8 pm during the peak energy billing schedule.